February 24th, 2023

Anniversary of war in Ukraine

Anniversary of war in Ukraine

War is one of the greatest scourges of humanity and has long been one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse. War spares no one and modern war tactics, introduced a century ago at the start of the Great War, are ruthless in their targeting of the innocent: families, mothers and especially children.

Whether we speak of civilians killed or collateral damage, any form of war has devastating consequences on the weakest and most defenceless people. This selection of testimonies recounts the experiences of children and young adolescents (at
a distance of time, in some cases) and covers many of the major conflicts that have marked our history indelibly, starting with the First World War and ending with the current conflict in Ukraine. This little book does not set out to identify those responsible for the suffering (a task for historians) but to make the voices of children – frightened, angry, often hopeful – heard in the face of the atrocious consequences of armed conflict.


No more war!
Children’s experience of armed conflict 1914 – 2022

Edited by James M. Bradburne
Mandragora Edizioni, 2023

Our dear readers!
We hope that you will not overlook our collection, that you will like it and you will decide to send something to us. We believe you have something interesting in your head to put down on paper; don’t
be lazy and write!

The collection will be published no more than once a month, and since this is not often, it must be interesting and entertaining; for this, we need material. Many of us have travelled so much and seen so much that we will definitely find something to write about. But, there is one condition for writing your stories: you must be no older than 13 and… you must not be helped by adults, otherwise our collection cannot be called “Children to Children”. Also, it would be nice if our dear contributors indicate at the bottom of their works how old they are; authors should also add their exact address and their last name.
We sincerely wish you success and ask you to wish us the same


Children to Children
10 – 15 YEARS OF AGE

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