What we do.

The Centre is committed to the centrality of childhood in the creation of an open civil society, which recognised diversity, freedom and human rights.

The projects the Centre undertakes reflect this commitment in different ways, and include:

Books at a Glance.

Every month the librarian owners of Spazio B**K propose one hundred new titles, of which three are reviewed extensively. Every month, CIRCI acquires the best of the selection to augment the collection at the Biblioteca nazionale Braidense.

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The three titles of May

The Book House.

The Bookhouse is an enchanted space, a space that doesn’t enclose, but enhances the experience of reading. The idea was born in a simple story written for a three year-old, and became reality in the hands of her mother. Now the Bookhouse can belong to any child who wants a special place to spend time with books.

The Book House project is non-profit, any revenue from its sale will be re-invested in one of CIRCI’s initiatives.
The cost of the Book House is 200 euros (+VAT) excluding shipping.

Pre-order your Book House now

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The Book Initiative.

Our libraries should be reorganised to reflect the world we live in in all its diversity, and strive to make it better. The three watchwords for doing this: reading, access and engagement.

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Pop-ups and Pull-outs.

For CIRCI the artists’ collective Libri Finti Clandestini creates innovative video workshops and bookmaking tutorials, freeing the imagination to create artist’s books from recycled materials.

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Children in concert.

Bringing children closer to the world of music and theatre through multidisciplinary experimental projects in collaboration with different cultural institutions.

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One upon a time in the library

Children’s classics by Roald Dahl, Kornei Chukovsky, Samuil Marshak and Annie M.G. Schmidt, in English, Russian, French, German, Dutch and Spanish, are narrated by famous actors from six different countries.

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Simon Callow reads "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats - The Old Gumbie Cat", T. Eliot
Simon Callow reads "Happy Prince", Oscar Wilde

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CIRCI depends on the support of generous individuals, foundations and companies.
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