To preserve, study and communicate the experience of childhood, and the values of curiosity, creativity and learning. It is committed to defending children’s competence, curiosity, imagination, ambition, desires and their fundamental human rights.

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Anniversary of war in Ukraine
February 24th, 2023

Anniversary of war in Ukraine

War is one of the greatest scourges of humanity and has long been one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse. War spares no one and modern war tactics, introduced a century ago at the start of the Great War, are ruthless in their targeting of the innocent: families, mothers and especially children.

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What we do.

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The Book House.

The Bookhouse is an enchanted space, a space that doesn’t enclose, but enhances the experience of reading. The idea was born in a simple story written for a three year-old, and became reality in the hands of her mother. Now the Bookhouse can belong to any child who wants a special place to spend time with books.

The Book House project is non-profit, any revenue from its sale will be re-invested in one of CIRCI’s initiatives.
The cost of the Book House is 200 euros (+VAT) excluding shipping.

Pre-order your Book House now

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The study of the culture of childhood is the key to understanding our past in its fullness, our present in its complexity, and our future in its uncertainty and promise.

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CIRCI depends on the support of generous individuals, foundations and companies.
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