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Every month the librarian owners of Spazio B**K propose one hundred new titles, of which three are reviewed extensively. Every month, CIRCI acquires the best of the selection to augment the collection at the Biblioteca nazionale Braidense.

Chiara and Diletta, librarians and founders of the independent bookshop Spazio B**K, propose one hundred books to open up new worlds for readers of various ages. A selection that brings together albums and illustrated books for children and adults, card games, essays and manuals, mixing selfpublishing, small independents and big publishers from the Italian, French, Spanish and Anglo-American markets. In collaboration with museum consultant Devorah Block, they propose and review three titleseach month. At the same time, CIRCI acquires the best of the proposed selection, enriching its collection at the Bibilioteca Braidense.

A rifare il mondo

Andiamo a rifare il mondo. Serviranno le parole brave

Ilaria Rigoli, Ilaria Faccioli Bompiani, 2022 Read More

I bambini

Il bianco della pagina / insegna alla bambina / il formicaio delle parole

Giovanna Zoboli Interno Poesia, 2022 Read More

Lo spazio tra i fili d’erba. Consigli per incontrare la poesia

Osserva lo spazio tra i fili d’erba.
 Identifica i colori e le forme geometriche.

María José Ferrada, Andrés Lopez Raum Italic, 2022 Read More

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